Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Working—and How to Fix It


According to Nielsen, 70% of active adult social networkers shop online, which is 12% more likely than the average adult Internet user. With millions of users online, brands continually flock to social media networks to garner consumers yet have been discouraged by the lack of results and questioning the validity of social media marketing. Rather than become disillusioned with social media, because there’s no denying the millions of people buying and conversing online, the question remains: What is the best way to reach them?

We have outlined five reasons your brand’s social media strategy isn’t working, and what you can do to improve it:

Great expectations

Social media is not a cure-all, end-all solution for marketing to one’s target market. If you think that by setting up a profile on a network and constantly spewing marketing messages that you’ll attract thousands, if not millions, of customers immediately, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s, however, an enduring solution in combination with advertising and public relations to increase exposure, promote and eventually garner sales.

Lack of company buy-in

In order for social media to be effective for your organization, everyone has to buy-in, from executives to support staff, or it will not reach its full potential. Your chances of having a successful social media campaign is increased if senior management actively uses it and allows the brand to have multiple voices. The executives of your company are not the only champions; in fact it is feasible to come up with a list of influencers in all departments that can provide content and insight in the form of a social media council.

Undefined goals

With any marketing effort, you must clearly define what your intentions are for using social media. Do you want to get exposure for new product or service? Improve brand recognition? Increase website traffic? Once those intentions have been identified you must question what success looks like.

Untrained staff

To avoid social media crises and potential disasters every company should invest in social media training and guidelines. Do not pawn off social media activities on the “young” professionals. Just because they know how to use the technology does not make them equipped to become the global communications arm of your brand.

When creating your social media team, you should seek someone who has a strong capacity for communications and marketing; the tools can be taught to via training programs in- person or online. Showing employees the best practices and way in which your brand should be showcased online can be an exceptionally valuable business tool.

Not enough engagement

If you’re not responding to your fans questions or comments, they’ll seek a brand that will.  Social media has shifted marketing as we know it. It’s no longer a one way street, but a two way street which requires communication and collaboration. You will achieve greater results when you respond in a timely manner, highlight your customers using your product or service and share valuable information with them.

Keep in mind if you are not fully committed to social media then you will not achieve the results you desire online. Once you have a social media strategy with realistic goals and targeted content, the rest is relatively simple.


The final log off: Do you need a social media will?


Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide advice only. Every legal matter is unique and you should consult with a legal professional in your area.

Unfortunately a few months ago, I lost a friend to leukemia who was in her twenties. She was an active participant on social media networks and during a discussion with friends someone asked “What do are they going to do with her Facebook account?” It is a great question that many of us in this digital age are going to be faced with. In fact, creating a “social media will” is now one of the government’s official personal finance recommendations, listed on USA.gov.

So ask yourself, what should happen to the content you have posted? Consider creating a statement of how you would like your online identity handled by appointing someone you trust as an online executor. The executor will be responsible for the maintenance and or closure of your email addresses, social media profiles and blogs after you are deceased.

Consider these steps to assist you with write a social media will.

  • Write down a list of all the websites where you have a profile, along with usernames and passwords.
  • State how you would like your profiles to be handled. You may want to completely cancel or leave it up for friends and family to visit. Some sites allow users to create a memorial profile where others can view your profile but cannot post anything new.
  • Identify and meet with your intended executor. Explain to them their role and share the list with them. (Google Drive may be a good resource as you can retain ownership of the document and share it with them. This way if your passwords are changed it can be easily updated.)

While my friend did not have a social media will her family chose to leave her profile up so that we could post photos and memories, and while I knew she was an awesome person now I can connect with the hundreds of people whose lives she touched and make new acquaintances.


Socially Ahead, a strategic communications agency specializing in the creation of social /digital media strategies, online communications, training and web content production based in Washington, DC. Socially Ahead focuses on helping brands and individuals navigate social media and online space to build better connections.

LinkedIn launches Targeted Status Updates for Brands


Thanks to the LinkedIn Gods, you can now select a target audience for updates shared on your LinkedIn Company Page.  You can specify your target audience by company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and whether they are employees of your company or not. Targeted Status Updates were launched to select LinkedIn customers and are now available to all Company Pages.

Click video below to learn more

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Six points for social media engagement


Social media is here to stay and according to research from companies like McKinsey, businesses who use social media are making more money than those who do not. Today, I want to share with you with six of the twenty-one points I advise my clients to utilize to engage their followers/ fans.

1.    Do not ignore your critics. If you have put your brand into the social media space then you must engage and take part in the conversation. Your silence will be talked about and work against you.

2.    Be friendly, respectful and open. Listen to what critics, readers customers are saying and make sure you hear. Then work out how best to respond.

3.    Remain level headed and do not get annoyed and post an immediate response. Disaster this way lurks. It might only take a second or two to type a comment but it will be permanent. You might be able to delete a hasty response – but its content will be quickly recorded be it by text or screen grabs. Have some cool off time before you respond.

4.    Remember who you represent when you respond. If you are tweeting or blogging in a work capacity you have a responsibility to your employer or brand.

5.    Make sure you have the facts and know the issues before you respond. Do not shoot from the hip and hope you can bluff it. Remember these are public conversations.

6.    Be prepared to admit when you are wrong and quick to correct mistakes. People like this and respond well to it.

Building Business Relationships through social media


Social media is all about building relationships. You are connected to various communities within social media . The focus should be on how to help the individuals and the communities as a whole.Getting people to trust you is one of the biggest challenges that you will ever have in your business. It isn’t uncommon for you to have many meetings before a level of trust is established. It takes a very long time to build trust in relationships but without it, you will not get anywhere.

Once you have initially connected in face-to-face networking meetings, you should use social media to build on those relationships that you have established.  To build relationships, you need to get to know people and allow them to get to know you. Keep in mind,that you need to accomplish this in a way that is not overbearing and also benefits their network and yours.

Here are a few ways you can build better relationship through social media:

  • Listen, Listen, Listen : If you don’t listen, you will never be able to place yourself in the other person’s shoes. The first step to being able to do that is to really listen to what they want and need.
  • Give  feedback: After you have listened to the needs of the other person, you can provide him or her with valuable feedback. Communicate that you understand how he or she feels. It may be helpful if you tell a story that demonstrates a similar experience that you had.
  • Pay attention to profiles: People put information in their profiles that they feel is important to them. Make the effort to really pay attention to what they have in their profiles and comment on it when you speak with the
  • Be interesting: Communicate what makes you and your business special and unique. Make people want to get to know you.
  • Meet-up: If one of your connections is giving a presentation at an event, try to attend the event. You could also arrange a meeting for coffee, lunch,etc to exchange ideas. He or she will appreciate you effort of you connecting in person.
  • Be honest: Understand that not everyone is going to like you. Never pretend to be someone you are not just to try and fit in. Be yourself. Your sincerity will pay off and eventually you will have a solid relationship with those whom you pursue.

What it means to be Socially Ahead


The landscape of the internet is ever changing. In order for your brand to stay ahead of the competition you must be aware of the techniques and tools that are available. With thousands of brilliant minds producing content everyday it can be hard to keep up. We will bring together informative pieces to guide you down the  social media road.