LinkedIn launches Targeted Status Updates for Brands


Thanks to the LinkedIn Gods, you can now select a target audience for updates shared on your LinkedIn Company Page.  You can specify your target audience by company size, industry, job function, seniority, geography and whether they are employees of your company or not. Targeted Status Updates were launched to select LinkedIn customers and are now available to all Company Pages.

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Engage or DIE!


I attend many professional events, so I get to meet  many different types of entrepreneurs. There is something about a room full of entrepreneurs.. it’s almost electric. I get inspired by their passion, drive and enthusiasm for their product or service.  When I get home I normally check their website and social media networks to get big picture. All to often when browsing their social media pages on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook ..I notice that they are not engaging with their fans/followers so their business is not growing as fast as it could.  The phrase engage or die was coined by strategist, Brian Solis and his theory has proved time and time again the need for businesses to abandon their old marketing methods and accept new media.

If you are an entrepreneur it is essential for you to interact online. You need to understand your customers and know what they are saying about you and your brand. If you do not engage with them then your competitors will and your business will ultimately suffer.  Let me tell you a story..

A few months ago, I met a restaurant owner who had a lovely establishment with reasonable prices and great location. However he had noticed that in the past 11 months his business was down almost 35%. At first he thought it was due to the recession but he could not help but notice that other restaurants in the area where thriving.  Of the many questions I asked I probed about the types of marketing and promotion he was currently utilizing but more importantly was his restaurant using social media networks. He replied “Of course but they aren’t getting us any results!” I asked if I could give him a free social media consultation and he agreed. 

Prior to the meeting , my team and I were able to pinpoint serious gaps in the restaurants online marketing strategy and were also able to show him how and why his competitors were thriving.  Our research showed his competitors were using integrated campaigns that included Facebook and Twitter  as well as Foursquare, Living Social, Groupon, & etc  not only to spread the word about their business but to truly connect with their customers.  Patrons were acknowledged by thank yous, tagged in photographs and provided with promotions which propelled them spread the word to their friends and family. Which in-turn made our restauranteurs lose 35% in revenue.

 Ask yourself could you afford to use 35% of your business?  This is just one case of many where businesses who did not engage began to lose revenue which for some forces them to close their doors. Do not risk loosing your dream…  ENGAGE OR DIE!

Wishing you social media success..

Lynn Cooper

It’s our  goal at Socially Ahead (  to help entrepreneurs that need social media, understand and embrace it to not only succeed, but also survive against the competition. E-mail us for free consultation