5 Social Media Networks to Watch


Few social services have enjoyed as much success as sites like Facebook and YouTube.  However, there are thousands of social media sites in existence and their popularity truly depends on the country.

Socially Ahead’s S. Lynn Cooper has curated a list of five social networks to watch. Like Instagram, many incorporate visual images with the goal of connecting people beyond the digital realm. Other services remind us of LinkedIn, bringing users together through professional networking. Regardless of which ones spark your interest, let’s explore which ones will become the future of social media.



HootSuite has launched Conversations, a tool that brings social networking into the workplace.  Forget e-mail chains, members can collaborate in real-time by posting on message boards similar to Facebook.  The great thing is this tool is not limited to the immediate team; in fact, others can be invited to join the conversation. Need to pull in legal or marketing, one click and they are brought into the dialogue.


When you hear the word vine, most would think of something that grows from a tree. Not anymore! If you have yet to hear about this mobile application, then it’s time we get you up to speed. Powered by Twitter, Vine is a video-sharing app that allows users to create six second videos using their smartphone. You can upload them and share the videos on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook. If you have a product-based business and a sprinkle of creativity, Vine can become an excellent content marketing vehicle for your brand.


What if your followers could purchase your product or services by simply tweeting? Enter Chirpify, a social media network that allows your brand to sell directly to consumers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. When followers, who must have Chirpify accounts, reply with the word “buy,” they score the item. No need for you to send them to your website for processing, Chirpify does it all for you for a nominal transaction fee.



To simplify what Medium is think Twitter and Blogger combined in a simple layout.   Unlike Twitter, which caps you at 140 characters, Medium gives you the flexibility to express your thoughts just the way you like.


Quora is an information sharing and gathering platform that takes the form of crowd-sourced questions and answers. A combination of other platforms such as LinkedIn Answers and Wikipedia, users can vote the answers they deem the most helpful, allowing the most knowledgeable to obtain status in the network.


Ways to Use Facebook’s Page Photo Tag Feature


With the many changes of Facebook it is hard to keep up with all the new features. Well if you’re an entrepreneur, publicist or marketer there is a new feature that you do not want to miss.

Encourage Influencers. Building a strong influencer base within a social network is imperative  if you want to grow your brand online. This new feature allows you to encourage your fans/followers  to tag themselves with your page… using your product.

Tag Your Brand at events. Are you attending and/ or sponsoring events. Make sure you take plenty of photos and then tag them so that others can see what you are up to!

Tag Your Brand within a Product Photo. Brands can now tag photos of an individual using products and services.

If you would like further insight about how to use these features please contact me at sociallyahead@gmail.com

Happy posting…

Being Socially Savvy


Being Socially Savvy
How to Reach Your Goals Using Social Media

There is an age-old saying that it is not what you have in your arsenal but what you use. Many of us have various social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. We have hundreds –if not thousands of connections but, how many of those connections do we use to reach our goals? Someone in your network may be a real estate agent or know a financial planner, literary or travel agent. Whatever your goal may be, by overlooking contacts in your social media network, you might be selling yourself short. You never know who can help you achieve your goals whether directly or indirectly through social media.

First, look at your connections. Who are they? What activities are they currently involved in? Can you be mutually beneficial to one another? Do not be frightened to reach out to people in your network even if you have never met them in person. If they accepted your request to become network friends, follow or connect with you through Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, then they have some knowledge of you and what you do.

Prior to reaching out to your network, ensure that the information on your page is up to date and reflects you in a positive light. While social networks are platforms to connect with friends they can also be viewed by potential employers, organizations and associates. If you have unflattering photos posted that could lead someone to believe something negative about you, hide or remove it completely. Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Send them a quick message on their preferred network and wait for a response. Depending on the current situation of the recipient, you may or may not receive an immediate response and that is perfectly alright. If you do not receive a response, be sure to follow up in the next 45-90 days as their circumstances may have changed. The point is to keep the window of communication open between you and the individual.

It’s important to keep people up-to-date with your goals and projects through social media.Let’s say your goal is to shed 20 lbs. By updating your network about your progress, you can gain support and possibly increase your following. Imagine posting your daily workout and then having your friends and associates cheering you on by posting niceties on your page –not only will it encourage you to achieve your goals but it also offers the captive audience you were hoping for. You may even inspire someone else to begin improving their health.

Remember, effective networking is about building relationships. People buy from, support and help people they know.