Six points for social media engagement


Social media is here to stay and according to research from companies like McKinsey, businesses who use social media are making more money than those who do not. Today, I want to share with you with six of the twenty-one points I advise my clients to utilize to engage their followers/ fans.

1.    Do not ignore your critics. If you have put your brand into the social media space then you must engage and take part in the conversation. Your silence will be talked about and work against you.

2.    Be friendly, respectful and open. Listen to what critics, readers customers are saying and make sure you hear. Then work out how best to respond.

3.    Remain level headed and do not get annoyed and post an immediate response. Disaster this way lurks. It might only take a second or two to type a comment but it will be permanent. You might be able to delete a hasty response – but its content will be quickly recorded be it by text or screen grabs. Have some cool off time before you respond.

4.    Remember who you represent when you respond. If you are tweeting or blogging in a work capacity you have a responsibility to your employer or brand.

5.    Make sure you have the facts and know the issues before you respond. Do not shoot from the hip and hope you can bluff it. Remember these are public conversations.

6.    Be prepared to admit when you are wrong and quick to correct mistakes. People like this and respond well to it.