Use Content Curation To Tell Your Story


We’ve talked a lot about the importance of monitoring what others are saying about you. It’s nice to share and retweet, but if you do that with every post, you’ll flood your followers with the same info over and over. Sometimes you want to collect the best tweets, posts, photos and videos into one place and use what others are saying to enhance your story or event. That’s where Storify comes in.

With a simple drag-and-drop interface, Storify combines Twitter and Facebook posts, YouTube videos, Instagram and Flickr photos, plus any other clippings from the web into a single article.

You decide how to organize it – chronologically, by content type, by subject matter – then with just a few clicks, it can be shared on social media, embedded into a blog (see below) or emailed. It can also notify all the people whose content you used so they can share it with their friends and followers.

The White House social media team has been using Storify to trim the stream of questions in its regular Twitter chats ( down to just the ones that get answered.

News organizations use Storify to pull in reactions to major events, combining posts from celebs and regular folks to create richer content than through traditional reporting.

So what are you waiting for.. STORIFY!


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